• Our Appraisals are Extremely Accurate, our Professionalism second to none, our Laboratory and Equipment state of the art, we are ready to help serve your appraisal and purchasing requirements.  With over 34 years of experience, a tremendous amount of proven accurate appraisals, court documented success, and an exceptional ability to provide a “personalized” service to our clients, we are ready and available to assist you with all your Appraisal requirements.  We provide services to individuals, jewelry stores, investors, courts, and value your business.  Many Senior’s wish to know the true value of their jewelry estate in order to be fair to their children and grandchildren.

• Many clients visit Certified Gem Labs wondering if they received a good product for their money in regards to a recent purchase, Certified Gem Labs will confirm the value of the item.  Clients may be preparing for a divorce and must value jewelry owned and a present fair market appraisal to the court.  Many clients are looking to sell jewelry or gems and want to know what it is truly accurately worth for insurance purposes.

• If you want accurate honest appraisals of jewelry and gems, Certified Gem Labs is the company.  If you are looking to purchase jewelry or gems, if you have a legal situation that requires an Appraisal that will hold up in any court, Certified Gem Labs specializes with that type of service.

Certified Gem Lab provides Appraisal Services to many Jewelers, Investors, Courts, and the General Public.  This is where we stand out.  Many Jewelers are not qualified to provide appraisals as they are not certified and only trained with gold knowledge, not stones. Certified Gem Labs is GIA Certified (Gemological Institute of America), Mr. Firmani also is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Gemology, again a Certified Master Gemologist, a diploma/designation that is highly respected.  G.I.A. Certified.

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